SPATZ carry a 14-day warranty against manufacture or material faults. If your SPATZ do have a manufacture or material fault, we will replace them like for like with another pair.

To return faulty SPATZ, please fill in the form on this page and request the 'returns' email address. Please give a description of the fault. We will reply with an email address. Please use this email address to send us some photos of the SPATZ fault. After viewing the photos, If we see the fault as genuine, we will send you a postal address where you can send the SPATZ and we will replace them for you. You need to pay the postal charge of the return and we will cover the postal cost of the new pair back to you. You must provide genuine proof of sale (receipt). If you bought SPATZ from anywhere other than this website, please contact that retailer to handle your returns.

We will not replace SPATZ if:

  • They have been rubbed / marked / damaged / worn on your crank or chainstay
  • They have been marked / snagged / cut by fingernails whilst putting on / taking off
  • They have been marked / snagged / cut by a sharp or rough object whilst cycling / walking
  • They have been ripped by using unreasonable force whilst putting on / taking off
  • They have wrinkled / creased / delaminated / by being folded / crushed / inside-out
  • They have been subject to general wear and tear
  • They appear to have been washed / stored / treated inappropriately and not in accordance to the information available on the FAQs page of this website

We will replace SPATZ (within 14 days of purchase) if:

  • You've bought some (or been bought some) which are the wrong size (and they are un-worn, undamaged and the packaging is immaculate)
  • You've bought some and changed your mind (and they are un-worn, undamaged and the packaging is immaculate). This will of course be a refund on your card or PayPal.

We are careful not to refund / replace SPATZ too much as we are a small, home grown company in Leeds, Yorkshire. We are 3 friends in a loft and don't have the budget to replace SPATZ willy-nilly. Treat them like you love them...