Brexit has happened.

Customers from outside the UK will not be charged UK VAT if they buy from our website. Overseas customers will see / buy at a reduced UK VAT free price. This is handled automatically with geo-location. You will be subject to your local country's taxes.

Since 1st January 2021, a small number of our our loyal EU customers have been charged taxes / duty on their shipment. So far this has been only customers whose items were shipped with DHL. We are obviously not happy about this as we wish to trade easily with our European friends.

As a temporary measure, we have suspended the use of DHL from our system and have switched to Royal Mail.

For now, we will continue to ship to the EU with Royal Mail and do not expect any problems. Please note that we have distribution throughout the world (see distribution pages) so we encourage you to shop through your fantastic local Spatzwear retailers.

We thank you VERY much for your support and custom through this challenging time.

Here is the official note that we must display:

Overseas Taxes and Duty:

Please be aware that your order may be subject to import duty / taxes into your country. This is your responsibility and we cannot be liable for the fee. Import duties and taxes may be applied by your local authority. It is a legal requirement that we declare the full transaction value of the contents of all packages. Local import duties and taxes are levied by the carrier on behalf of the local customs authority.