Spatzwear now ship from the UK, Ireland (EU) and the USA!

In order to supply our customers quickly, conveniently and with minimal international fees/fuss, we hold stock in the UK, EU (Ireland) and Chicago, USA. Brexit will not affect our customers regardless of where you live.

We are set up to provide an exceptional global service.

Our website will automatically switch to your local currency and your goods will ship from your most local Spatzwear depot.

If your checkout does not let you complete a transaction, it is because one of the items is not available from your local Spatzwear Hub. Please remove that item to continue. We aim to stock every item in all 3 international hubs but some items are so hot they sell out quickly!!

If there is an item you would like to buy that is not stocked local to you, please let us know at and we can ship from another hub.

Thank you!