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The design brief for the brand new Spatz "SHIELD" glasses was very simple: To design and engineer eyewear which offer more protection and a better field of vision than any other glasses on the planet; with particular focus on when you are cycling in an aggressive / aero position.

Developed purely for cycling (and being worn in a cycling position), Spatz "SHIELD" glasses offer a sphere of vision and a level of protection that we have sought in cycling specific eyewear for decades. No longer will your vision be impeded by your glasses frames as you hunker down into an aero tuck. No longer will debris spray up into your eyes, right when you require razor sharp vision to rail the next apex. Road racing: Check. Gravel: Check. TTs: Check. Technical Crits: Check. SHIELD has got you covered.

Developed and tweaked through countless renders and physical prototypes, the new Spatz "SHIELD" glasses are designed by lifetime racing cyclists to create eyewear that you will wear from the very start to the very finish of your race/ride.

The pivotal design feature of the new Spatz "SHIELD" glasses is the position and rake angle of the lenses. The frame architecture has been specifically engineered to allow the lens to sit in an optimal position in relation to your eyes, cheekbones, eyebrows and nose. When we ride a bike (especially in an aggressive/aero position), our requirements for eyewear changes dramatically; our head tilts downwards and our eyes focus upwards towards the horizon. We have engineered eyewear which represents a seismic shift from what has been available. Until now.

The Spatz "SHIELD" glasses transmit a feeling of visor-like protection and strength. You are truly shielded from the elementz...

Click HERE for a nice (and totally impartial) review from Cyclingnews.

Included in the Spatz SHIELD retail package:

  • 1x Ice Grey Translucent SHIELD frame with rubber bumper grippers

  • 1x Photochromic (all conditions) lens with subtle purple iridescent anti-glare coating. This is the best lens we have used in 35 years of racing...

  • 1x Iridescent Red lens for use in sunny/bright conditions
  • 1x small nose piece

  • 1x large nose piece

  • 1 x hard pack zippered carry case with karabiner

  • 1 x soft pouch bag with Spatz logo

  • 1 x soft cloth with Spatz logo

  • 1 x card storage box



Customer Reviews

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Johannes Sturm

amazing shades!


The best cycling glasses I’ve ever had

Great for intended purpose

When I first put these on I figured oh no, got to send back. They are huge even for shields and look like scuba goggles. But I tried them walking the beach and yep they are great if you get over the look. Lenses are clear, color change is the best I’ve had, and the field of view is amazing. They do not move on your head without feeling tight. I think they would be great for skiing and definitely for cycling.. I look forward to biking with them. Just don’t plan to wear them at the bar unless you want to look like a dork. A slightly smaller version would be perfect.

Thanks Steve!

Andy Fountain
I never thought a pair of glasses would replace my Oakley's

With several pairs of Oakleys to choose from, and I always felt spoilt for choice, but never 100% happy. My Oakleys slip out of place when sweaty, or when wearing a winter ear warmer, and I have had to send several pairs back when problems occur with quality. I thought Oakley to be the best of the best, but not any more!!
I have a wardrobe full of Spatz clothing, and know first hand how well each and every piece has been designed and developed, but when I saw the new 'Shield' glasses, I thought there is no way they can match Oakleys. The more I viewed them, with their sleek lines and huge field of vision, the more I thought they would be worth trying, and after wearing them for over a month in all conditions from heavy rain to bright sunshine, I am not dissapointed. I would go as far as saying they are head and shoulders above every pair of Oakleys I have ever owned, and there are not many pairs I have not tried.
The Shield glasses sit perfectly on your face, never moving whatever the conditions. The riders vision is perfect, so good that you just forget you've got glasses on. I have only tried the photochromatic lenses, and find that these are perfect in every weather condition. Having the Iridescent Red lens will be an added bonus in the middle of summer.
I cannot recommend the Shield glasses enough, and never thought I would say that they are so much better than Oakleys. I thought they would be good, but these glasses are the next level.

Great to hear. Thank you very much!

Barry Daniel

Ive bought loads of Spatzwear products over the years, so i was confident in buying these glasses. the quality of them exceeded my expectations, feel very strong, good materials. I've used them twice in low light gravel rides and really like them, got battered with strong winds through the Scottish hills at the weekend and my eyes were fully protected without the lenses steaming up. , weather hasn't been right to wear the other lens yet, but so far so good, no sliding around on the face either. if your in the market for a new set of shades, highly recommend these .. always appreciate the amount of testing and research that goes into spatzwear products before getting released for sale.

Great to hear. Thank you Barry.