SPATZWEAR 'PRO SOKZ' Long-Cut Cycling Socks

SPATZWEAR 'PRO SOKZ' Long-Cut Cycling Socks


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"Faster than many specific aero socks at 0, 5 and 10 degrees of yaw..."

The anti-aero aerosock. They save you watts; but who cares if you look like a boss?

We designed these socks to be a pleasure to wear, to look great but also with a nod to aerodynamics. We had a feeling they were fast, so we had the "PRO SOKZ" independantly tested (June 2023) in a wind tunnel by a leading UK company. We were a little surprised (but very happy to learn) that they are faster than many specific aero socks at 0, 5 and 10 degrees of yaw! So you can wear great looking socks to ride and race in, without the need for specific "aero" socks...

Beautifully made (and just the right length) with subtle cool grey logos to keep things classy. We have cut these 30mm longer than most socks so they stay put. Engineered with vertical striations to cheat the wind and keep airflow attached to the leg for as long as possible.

Designed to compliment your look as you race, train or ride. Engineered to stay in place no matter how hard you ride...

What's not to love?

"People have been making cycling socks the wrong length for years. We've changed that. And we've added silicone grippers to secure the connection between foot and shoe for increased power delivery. Or so you don’t slip in the kitchen..."

  • Surprisingly FAST; wind tunnel proven to be faster than some specific "Aero" socks!
  • Mega stretchy with a higher elastane (Lycra) content. Hike 'em up long...
  • One size fits all
  • Silicone grippers on the sole secure the foot/shoe interface
  • Designed to wick away sweat and stay fresh
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Designed and developed in Yorkshire, England
  • One size fits all

Let's be honest, they're bright white or stealthy black, they pull up long and they're cool as hell.



53.9% Polyamide, 3.5% Spandex, 42.6% Cotton


Customer Reviews

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Nicolas Ryckebusch
Super chaussettes!

Très confortable, l’ajustement est parfait, plus les petits inserts anti -dérapant, génial!
Merci spatz

paul farran
Log cut socks.

Not the cheapest, however the quality and fit are first class, top quality addition to the sock collection. 👍

Dave Smith
Great socks

Simply the best socks I own. I have both black and white. Super stretchy, super comfy, super aero and they look awesome sitting at just the right height 😀

Richard Stott
The best cycling socks I own

I have them in both white and black and love them - incredibly comfortable and don't slip down like many others. Yet more great Spatzwear kit.


Great socks- looks good, great fit