SPATZWEAR SHIFTR 2 Jersey, Black or White #SHIFTR2

SPATZWEAR SHIFTR 2 Jersey, Black or White #SHIFTR2


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The 2023 Shiftr2 jersey is the updated and improved version of our revolutionary Shiftr jersey and is available in Black and White only.

While the fabrics, cut and quality of the original Shiftr have remained unchanged, the 2023 Shiftr2 benefits from a pocket design that will change how cycling jersey pockets are used for good: In addition to 3x traditional rear pockets, we have added a huge, lightweight translucent mesh number/cargo pocket over the whole silhouette of the 3x rear pockets.

Access to the 3x traditional pockets is from the top (as usual) and access to the number/cargo pocket is from the left and right sides. Stowage space is vast and everything is kept snug, safe and fundamentally; aerodynamic.

The number/cargo pocket makes the Shiftr2 possibly the most versatile short sleeved jersey on the market. We are hugely proud of it.

The original (2022) “Shiftr” spring / summer jersey started with a blank piece of paper and a desire to produce the most comfortable, best performing, best looking and most aerodynamically efficient jersey on the market. Perfect for racing, training or simply enjoying miles in the saddle, the "Shiftr" is an absolute pleasure to use and wear.

Working closely with our innovative factory in Portugal (and having access to seamless technology manufacture) meant that we could produce a summer jersey engineered of countless “panels”, each performing their function superbly, but without the need for seams between. The only seam on the body of the “Shiftr” is the front zipper. Each "panel" is tuned to perform it's specific function perfectly, whether that may be temperature regulation, moisture management, support or aerodynamics.

Rather than rely on a particular yarn to help cool the body on a summer’s day, we have taken the innovation further and created weaves and textures on the inside and outside of the fabric that actively move heat and moisture away from the skin. Fabric is added / removed exactly where required to offer support, temperature regulation or to help you cut through the wind.

We have engineered the cut of the jersey to hold you close and flatter the body with a minimal collar and sleeves that you can wear down to the elbow crease or concertina up to the biceps for a more casual look. Both arm and hip hems feature high quality silicone grippers so the jersey sits beautifully against your body.

The 3x rear pockets are made from tough semi-translucent mesh material which will hold your spares and keys close to your body and keep everything streamlined and snug.

Every inch of this jersey has been carefully considered, tweaked and developed to form a garment that pushes cycling clothing technology to another level.

The “Shiftr” summer jersey is like nothing else available and will change how cycling jerseys are designed and manufactured forever.

A genuinely beautiful garment that performs unlike anything else. It will become your favourite spring / summer jersey after one ride.