SPATZWEAR 'RACE LAYER' Short Sleeve Black Baselayer. #RACELAYER

SPATZWEAR 'RACE LAYER' Short Sleeve Black Baselayer. #RACELAYER

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The Spatzwear 'RACE LAYER' is like nothing else on the market. Designed to offer the warmth of 2-3 traditional garments without the extra weight or bulk.

Perfect for both racing and training, it is developed to sit close to the skin - ideal for use under modern aero jerseys. It is warm, dry, aerodynamic and incredibly comfortable.

Used in a race situation, the 'RACE LAYER' packs so much warmth you may not even need a gilet or rain jacket if the weather turns biblical. It allows you to stay aero, light and warm to keep your focus on the racing, not the weather...

  • Extended rear section
  • Sleeves to elbows
  • Moisture managing fabric
  • Thermal yet lightweight design
  • Quick drying
  • Warm where you need warmth with no unnecessary bulk or weight

Worn next to your skin, the 'RACE LAYER' is designed with revolutionary inner textures and profiles to trap a layer of warm air and actively transport moisture away from the skin. Cyclists have needed a base layer like this for decades. Here it is...

A base layer developed from scratch and rigorously tested by the current Olympic Champion. Very warm and comfortable with yarns, thicknesses, weaves and cut designed specifically for cycling in the cold / wet. Sleeves can be worn down to the elbows or the fabric will concertina up to sit high on the arm.

The 'RACE LAYER' can be worn alone underneath a race jersey or add additional layers over the top to suit the temperature. It is truly a 4 season garment.

Nobody has ever created a base layer like this. It is totally revolutionary and will change your riding forever. 









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