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The team at Spatzwear HQ are born racers. We have a lifetime in the international peloton and 2 Olympic Gold medals (and a handful of World Championship Gold medals) shared between the 5 of us. Admittedly, the medals only belong to one of us, but you get the picture. Racing is in our DNA and we have spent a long time and a lot of effort in the pursuit of becoming FASTA...

The Spatzwear ‘FASTA’ Aero Race Suit is like nothing else on the market. It is engineered with a palmares of features which elevate it above anything currently available. Designed with speed in mind, but (in true Spatz style) woven into a package which is comfortable, feature-packed, and very easy to live with; whether your race is a TT, a white knuckle criterium or a 200k gravel epic...

With speed being the word, we contracted a leading UK wind tunnel to tune each panel to suit it's specific position and application, whether that may be fabric on a leading edge or a trailing edge, nothing is left to chance. We sourced a striated (aerodynamic focused) fabric for the arms, delts, upper chest and shoulders, but only placed it where it made the difference. Despite looking familiar, we do not know of another company using this particular striated fabric. Seams are positioned stratigically to manipulate the flow of air at varying speeds.

A feature (and one that will be welcome news to the racers) is the 3 full sized pockets on the rear, shrouded by our brand new 'Race Strip'. We developed this suit in the summer of 2023, using typical Belgian Kermess races as the test bed. It quickly became apparent that 1 or 2 pockets were simply not adequate. When you need to carry race nutrition, disguarded arm warmers and the paraphenalia that racing requires, you not only need good stowage capability, but more importantly, it needs to be very easily accessible when you are lined-out in the gutter at 50 kph...

Perhaps the key feature of the 'FASTA' Aero Race Suit is the 'Race Strip' which overlaps the race number and/or pockets; to keep drag numbers down and everything locked in safe and FAST. Pin your number to the pockets, fill your pockets with food, flip the 'Race Strip' down (overlapping the top of the number and the opening of the pockets) and you have a beautiful solution to an age old problem: The wind won't catch the top of your race number(s) and goods in your pockets are kept secure, hunkered down and very easily accessible in the melee of a bustling peloton.

To keep the 'FASTA' Aero Race Suit usable in full-gas races, we have paid particular attantion to the quad / knee interface and how the suit fits and articulates in the heat of the peloton. For the leg gripper, we have specified a 10cm, silicone backed hem section which not only hugs the legs beautifully, but (due to it's honeycomb profile) moves through the air with a minimum of drag.

Nobody has ever created a garment like this. It is totally revolutionary and will change your racing forever.

The 'FASTA' Race Suit epitomises our strap-line: “UTILITY WITH SPEED”.










Customer Reviews

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Tobias Bartlett
Comfy and fast

First ride in it was 200k rr, in the break for most of it in a silly aero position and my gooch was happy. Plus my girlfriend said I look sexy in it, so winner


Great skin suit! Sleeves and legs stay in place and don’t creep (even during a sweaty 70 mile race in the heat). Breathable with three easy to access rear pockets too!

John Bedborough
Aero suit

Great bit off kit fits nice

jon moro
Literally the perfect piece of race kit

Size medium is spot on for my skinny 67 kg / 189 cm tall climbers build. The length of the sleeves and legs on this kit are the perfect long pro length; the chamois is solid without being overly bulky, and the full zipper and 3x rear pockets makes me question why I shouldn’t just use it for training as well as racing.

Thanks very much Jon.