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Ever stood on the start line in the driving rain? Ever had to set off training under heavy skies? Ever felt that your "flappy rain shell" might be slowing you down? The brand new Spatz "WarmR" is your next weapon of choice...

Every now and then, a garment is designed that changes the way you dress to race, train or simply ride. In 2017, we released the Spatz overshoe and changed the way cyclists protect their feet from the cold forever. Now, after 2 years of development, we bring you your next armoury in the fight against the cold and wet: The "WarmR" Gilet is here.

This is the gilet that the World Tour riders use underneath their aero suit in a wet and cold Paris-Nice. And for good reason.

Engineered purely for use in the wet, the "WarmR" uses a totally waterproof and thermal neoprene material on the front and rear shoulder sections. Water will not pass through and simply runs off. The rear section is made of mid-weight lycra material to offer a close fit and quick drying.

The outside layer of the neoprene is matte nylon. The inside layer is soft brushed fabric to transport moisture and trap valuable heat. This garment is engineered for wet, cold racing. The aim is not to keep you dry, but to keep you insulated, sleek and fast in the worst conditions that mother nature can throw at you.

Developed with a 2x Olympic Champion, the "WarmR" has been tested in the harshest conditions. The days of the "flappy race cape" are thankfully behind us.

  • Aero fit with dialled-in stretch for extreme comfort
  • Extremely warm neoprene material on the chest and shoulders to shield you from the elementz
  • Two rear pocket slots to allow access to the jersey pockets below with minimal effect on aerodynamics
  • Dropped rear section to keep your lower back protected with enough stretch to fit over your jersey pockets
  • Extremely visible reflective detailing front and rear
  • Unique manufacture with beautiful detail
  • Super close fitting but extremely stretchy for comfort regardless of body shape

The Spatz "WarmR" Gilet started with a blank piece of paper and a desire to produce the perfect rain-specific gilet. The "WarmR" sits snugly against your body for a super close, aero fit. The fabric is extremely stretchy for the ultimate in comfort, regardless of body shape or how you choose to layer.

Nobody has ever created a rain gilet like this. It is totally revolutionary and will change your riding forever.









Sizing: This gilet is very stretchy. Choose the size you think for a comfort fit, or size down for a snug, aero race fit!


Customer Reviews

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Al Perry
It just works with a minimum of fuss

I wore the warmr on two consecutive days hoping it might rain. Ha ha. Mild both days. 1st day rain forecast but no rain. Darn. Second day. Rain forecast and delivered between Harrogate and otley. Deluge. I had the warmr in with a summer jersey and Spatz arm warmers. Result. Warm and dry under the gilet. Still 14 miles home but stayed toasty all the way. It’s a great addition to the toolbox. Nice work again teamspatz.

Ace. Thanks Al!

Tony Sheehan
That overused word Gamechanger definitely applies here for me.

My history with Spatzwear started a few years ago with overshoes , then a base layer …..more recently arm & leg warmers…… then it was a form of addiction to what was a quality I hadn’t experienced with my cycling gear before. Got another few bits in Sale before saying I will buy one decent jersey ( Spatzwear not cheap but you get what you pay for ) and got 4 season heater …….. will never wear another. Added winter base layer and budget shot but went for the WarmR rain gillet which I wore today. What can I say. It’s a jacket in a gillet one feels so protected yet one is also in a summer piece of kit with the breath able aspects of it. Got rain & sunshine today and both so well accommodated for ….. Gamechanger :-)

Excellent! Thanks very much for your custom Tony.


Great item


Snug fit, warm and perfect in the rain or as an extra layer when it’s cold. Great opening in the back for reaching the jersey pockets.

Rik Waddon
The ultimate garment

unbelievable how good this kit is! Ive stressed some top bands over the winters of my racing career, but this is just at another level again. I have the full range of base layers, warmers and the heater jacket all topped off with this WarmR rain gilet which just compliments the rest of the kit in not just the wet weather but also the very cold temperatures. In the last week the weather has turned and doesn’t look to recovery anytime soon but I have no doubts about continuing my winter miles wearing this gilet. My body comp does not lend itself well to the cold conditions of winter training weighing in at 57kgs but this garment mixed with the other Spatz layers really has switched things up a gear for me in the fact that I can ride for longer at this time of the year when looking for base miles. With the rear entry slits to make it easy to reach through to the pockets underneath they really have been thinking outside of the box on the design. The Gilet is very stretchy as well as being close fitting and light weight. It is non bulky clothing even though I am acutely wearing 4 layers.

Amazing kit that does what it says on the tin!

Very much appreciated Rik.