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Available in black and red, the Spatzwear 'RACE LAYER' is like nothing else on the market. A base layer designed to offer the warmth of 2-3 traditional garments without the extra weight or bulk.

Perfect for both racing and training, it is developed to sit close to the skin - ideal for use under modern aero jerseys or aero/speed suits. It is warm, dry, aerodynamic and incredibly comfortable.

Used in a race situation, the 'RACE LAYER' packs so much warmth you may not even need a gilet or rain jacket if the weather turns biblical. It allows you to stay aero, light and warm to keep your focus on the racing, not the weather...

  • Extended rear section
  • Sleeves to elbows
  • Moisture managing fabric
  • Thermal yet lightweight design
  • Quick drying
  • Warm where you need warmth with no unnecessary bulk or weight

Worn next to your skin, the 'RACE LAYER' is designed with revolutionary inner textures and profiles to trap a layer of warm air and actively transport moisture away from the skin. Cyclists have needed a base layer like this for decades. Here it is...

A base layer developed from scratch and rigorously tested by the current Olympic Champion. Very warm and comfortable with yarns, thicknesses, weaves and cut designed specifically for cycling in the cold / wet. Sleeves can be worn down to the elbows or the fabric will concertina up to sit high on the arm.

The 'RACE LAYER' can be worn alone underneath a race jersey or add additional layers over the top to suit the temperature. It is truly a 4 season garment.

Nobody has ever created a base layer like this. It is totally revolutionary and will change your riding forever. 









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Customer Reviews

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This is a genius baselayer. All day comfortable and amazingly flexible. Top work by Spatz again


Got this one in the sale and was instantly hooked on the brand. Works really well as a base layer with a long or shot sleeved jersey, as intended. A really nice fit for my 93cm chest, 70kg's weight and 173cm height.
Build quality is ace as you'd expect of Spatz.
Not much more to say really, need a base layer? Buy this when back in stock.


Fantastic base layer

This is a genius base layer. It's thicker and more textured than others but this gives it a unique adaptability that allows you to use this over a vast arrays of temperature. In my view, this is the best base layer for cyclocross as you don't overheat and yet you stay warm for the start of races.

What I love about this base layer is the dimpling that comes through your top layer and which I reckon gives you an aero advantage (unproven obviously but it's a positive placebo effect). The compression is spot on and the warmth to weight ratio is impressive.

If I were to keep only one base layer, this would be it. A long sleeve version would be an excellent option too but this one, with its slightly long sleeve length, works brilliantly with Spatz arm warmers. Highly recommended.

Much appreciated Jon.


If you are sat on the fence about buying this base layer, don't, just buy it.

Without a doubt, the best purchase I have made, I wore this in the pounding rain/wind and combined with a mid weight ls jersey, and a rain jacket, I was warm and toasty and able to complete my 150km ride.

The quality of the base layer is outrageously good, it traps the warm air, and honestly, I cannot imagine not riding with this.

I never leave reviews, but the team at Spatz deserve serious credit for this. I only wish I'd had one of these for years.

Ace. Thank you very much Tom!

Jonathan Hawker
Five star fantastic

This is a brilliant item that revolutionises the approach to the ‘what to wear dilemma’ in mixed conditions.

I’ve worn it in bloody awful conditions- hammering rain and wind in Flanders, persistent downpours in Surrey and sudden heat in Kent. It’s done a cracking job. I prefer this to other brands’ far more expensive winter base layers (sometimes paired with my Spatz arm warmers) and should have bought two. I probably will now.

Obviously this is not a summer base layer so I am not sure about it being a four season garment but three seasons of the year are covered with this - perhaps the Spatz summer base layer would round out the year - but I’ve not got that yet.

Anyway, in a nutshell, this is the base layer you didn’t know you need but which answers the questions you ask before setting out on any ride with mixed weather. Start with this base layer and vary the top. Job done.

Thank you Jonathan.