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Every now and then somebody designs a product that changes the way you ride your bike forever. You’ll wonder why you never had this garment before...

For years we have had to compromise with regards to cycling head wear in cold weather: Either your head is too cold or too warm. Or your ears are cold. Or the wind burns your face. Or your neck warmer restricts movement and stops your neck from moving when you are on the drops. We have created the solution:

We designed the new Spatz ‘HEATR' HEAD WARMER to work in unison with a modern cycle helmet. The brief was to create the perfect winter head garment whether you are commuting, exploring or smashing the group on a January training ride. The head band area is warm, comfortable and wicking. It will sit unnoticed under your helmet, keeping you warm and does not affect your hearing. The head area is specifically designed as a band and not a hat so if you get too warm, you can simply pull it down to create a neck warmer without removing your helmet.

The seamless fabric is extremely stretchy so you can wear it covering your mouth and nose (with just your eyes exposed), just over your mouth (with eyes and nose exposed), over your chin (keeping your mouth uncovered) or down under your chin (exposing your whole face) whilst still keeping your ears toasty.

The neck area is thin at the rear to minimise bunching and keep neck movement free. The neck area is longer and warmer at the front to stop the cold wind from passing under your collar. The mouth and nose area is thinner and more permeable to allow easy breathing and quick drying.

The ‘HEATR” Head Warmer can be worn as:

  • A full head warmer with only the eye area open to the cold

  • A head warmer with eyes and nose exposed to the cold

  • A head warmer with eyes, nose and mouth exposed but chin covered

  • A head warmer with the full face exposed (but ears protected)

  • A neck warmer

  • A head band

The ‘HEATR’ head warmer is manufactured with seamless technology, meaning that there are no seams around the circumference of the garment to cause pressure points from your helmet or glasses. It is manufactured as a seamless “tube". We have been able to engineer each “panel” to perform it’s specific function without the need for any seams between. Each “panel” has a specific weave, texture and thickness to offer qualities such as warmth, support, articulation and moisture transport.

Using seamless manufacture means that we can sculpt garments that hug your contours beautifully without unnecessary compression or bulky zippers. Your head, face and neck will be kept warm and comfortable as you battle through the elements.

This is a garment that has to be seen and used to be believed. 


Customer Reviews

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Another great product from Spatzwear. Great thing is you never overheat on the winter climbs.

Thanks very much Edward.

Al Perry
Very versatile piece of kit

Ok it’s just a balaclava isn’t it. Well not quite. I’d never wear a full balaclava under a cycling helmet. You look a wally for a start and I imagine you’d get very hot very fast. No this garment does what two separate pieces of kit normally do and that’s very welcome. No need for separate buffs and beanies. Just a cycling cap if it’s very cold otherwise just the Heatr. No gaps between the buff and the beanie and if you get too warm just pull it down. Love it.

Dean McQue
Great design

I ride in winter months and until now keeping my face and ears and neck warm has been a combo of a woolly hat and neckwarmer. Not ideal as the helmet then doesn't fit very well. But this design is perfect for a cyclist as it accommodates the helmet beautifully, Great design.

Thanks Dean!

So warm

Absolutely fantastic, one of my favourite pieces of winter cycling kit for on and off my bike in the winter.
Definitely good value for money and built to last.
Highly recommended

Thanks Phil!

Absolutely stellar!

Honestly, I wasn´t expecting that level of functionality! Have you found yourself experimenting with scarfs, merino bandanas, neck gaitors or full baclavas to achieve something un-achievable (as I thought until now)? Like completely cover your ears and neck over this sensible area along the spine where a cold air always finds way to stab those damp parts with an icy knife? Have you experienced pain on your lips, cheeks and nose in those wind gusts, because you had to pull the protective layer down, as your glasses became foggy after 2 seconds?
Well, you don´t have to experience that anymore! This material goes nicely low on the neck, so it protects around collar, nicely protects your front and nothing penetrates to your ears! Only that would be a huge winner and best thing I ever tried. But it does not stop here, because if you cover your face - yes, even nose! - in the descent, my glasses are just ok and do not get this immediate build-up of fog. Which I take as a magic! :)
I also like very much the opened part of the top of your head, thanks to that you do not over heat during uphills. And when it gets colder, you simply combine this baclava with a good cycling windproof cap (Goretex Shakedry is simply THE BEST here), you are covered against mayhem.

Thanks very much!!