SPATZ 'GRAVLR' Overshoes. Rugged and warm with a full zipper opening. #GravlR

SPATZ 'GRAVLR' Overshoes. Rugged and warm with a full zipper opening. #GravlR

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Step into the future. A brand new overshoe which re-writes the rules. Again.

Designed for Gravel riding, off-road riding, on-road riding and anything in between; we went back to the drawing board and developed an overshoe that creates it's own niche.

A full calf length YKK neoprene-specific zipper with inner and outer protection makes the GravlR mega easy to use. A stretch Velcro garage at the top keeps things locked in. Double silicone aqua seals around the bottom of the boot keep moisture at bay.

Full thermal shin lining keeps those blood vessels insulated in the coldest of conditions and the extended kevlar toe area and reinforced hem linings ensure maximum protection.

Using our new 'Aero-Armour' Neoprene throughout to guard against cuts and abrasion, we have created a whole new weapon in the fight against the cold.

The entire ankle area, extended toe box and velcro fastener is protected by Kevlar-topped neoprene to offer more protection from abrasion than ever before.

SPATZ GravlR have been developed by Olympians and Pro Cyclists. Engineered from the finest neoprene on the planet, these revolutionary knee length overshoes will transform your wet/cold riding experience. 

You won't know you're wearing them. But you're glad you are...

SPATZ are protected. The design is registered, SPATZ is trademarked and the patent is pending.


Customer Reviews

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Bought these as I have a set of legalz so know how good they are and I haven’t been disappointed- nice dry and warm feet / legs.


I’ve had plenty of over shoes in over 30 years of off road riding . These are the best yet, keeping my feet dry and warm.

I hope they last longer than normal overshoes to cover the outlay

Superb overshoes

Today I rode 2.5 hours in the pouring rain. Besides the rain there was also 6 Beaufort wind. Never had cold feet for a moment, my feet also stayed completely dry.

This is the best shoe cover I've ever had. Pricey? Perhaps, but dry warm feet are priceless. On to more purchases from Spatzwear. My cycling friends are also completely over.

Dave Pemberton-Smith
Who needs winer boots?

I went out for a 4 hour gravel ride in the worst conditions ever. It had been raining for 2 days so the ground was saturated and deep puddles everywhere.

It rained non stop all day and I purposely rode through everything to see if I could find the Gravelr breaking point. When I finished I was covered head to toe in mud and grit, my break pads were down to the metal and my mouth was full of grit. I took a photo of the Spatz before removing them and it looked like I was wearing a pair of mud boots

But underneath my shoes were dry and clean. There was a very small bit of ingress on the toe area but after what I put them through I expected a lot more.

Warm dry feet so an outright success. I also had a pair of Hot Socx on which performed as expected. Along with the Spatz gloves.

In summary I have been gravel riding for years now and have a box of overshoes, gloves and socks ranging from the cheapest upwards. Yes Spatz is not the cheapest but the saying that you get what you pay for is absolutely true here.

Would I buy them again? No doubt. I have a YouTube channel and will be doing a review in the New Year so to see an honest review search for The Gravel Diary.

David Barrable
Best overshoes ever.

First use today and yes it's not freezing, but these kept my feet toasty and dry. Easy to fit with the full length zip. Looking forward to some really rubbish weather to test them out properly.