SPATZ 'BIBZ' Winter Bib Tights with built in Gilet #bibz

SPATZ 'BIBZ' Winter Bib Tights with built in Gilet #bibz


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The primary brief for our brand new “BIBZ” Winter Bib Tights was simple: Design and produce the only cycling bib tights that you will need to train/ride through a harsh winter, regardless of the conditions. It was vital that the tights integrated with our famous Spatz Overshoes and market-leading Base Layers. Our goal was to design, develop and manufacture a full body clothing system comprised of garments which integrate together beautifully. We have created the ultimate cold weather cycling apparel system.

We are very proud to say that the Spatz “BIBZ” Winter Bib Tights are designed, tested and manufactured in the North of England (and are made of 100% recycled fabrics too). Water repellent (DWR) coatings are plant based and PFC free, and the packaging is fully compostable. They are like nothing else seen before.

Main features of the “BIBZ” include:

  • A gilet style upper “bib” area manufactured from water repellant, thermal Roubaix fabric. The gilet area becomes your second layer of defence and works brilliantly over your Spatz Base Layer.

  • Double layer, thermal, water repellant Roubaix fabric on the thighs, crotch and rear area. The second layer is positioned specifically to create a thermal barrier but allow ease of movement on the bike: Knees and hamstrings are covered with one layer to allow articulation whilst pedalling. The second layer of fabric is also engineered to 'float', further improving comfort and movement.
  • Rear pocket with high quality YKK zipper
  • 'Shin Seals' on the lower legs to integrate perfectly with our Spatz Overshoes. The 'Shin Seals' overlap the top of Spatz overshoes (regardless of the overshoe model). Moisture ingress is minimised and leg/foot coverage becomes a seamless system top to bottom.
  • Premium quality 'Tornado Pro3' chamois pad for the ultimate in comfort, regardless of how long you ride. This pad is patented and offers antibacterial weave, vibration protection and is rated for ultra distance 8h+ rides. The surface of the pad is made using bamboo fibres and Eco-Breeze tex and is also recycled. We have simply specced the very best pad available. 
  • Thermal lining - brushed fleece internal face
  • 100% recycled fabric - made from post consumer recycled polyester & pre consumer waste polyamide

  • PFC-free DWR coating (plant based). The bib tights are fully water repellant.
  • 4 way stretch
  • Highly breathable (18m²PA/W)

It has been our aim to produce our apparel in the UK since our incorporation in 2017. We are very pleased to have teamed up with Lusso in Manchester to manufacture this product with us. We brought our design and technical knowledge and coupled it with Lusso's legendary manufacturing expertise and attention to detail. Together we have produced what we think is the very best apparel currently available.

Our heritage is cycling in Yorkshire and Belgium. We ride and train in the cold and rain and have done so for a lifetime. These tights were designed for such conditions (specifically for/by a 2x Olympic Champion from Leeds). In a lifetime of cycling in all conditions, we have never had access to a garment which is so well thought-out. The tights integrate beautifully with our overshoes and base layers to form a full clothing system that simply makes so much sense.

Spatzwear: It’s raining, You’re training...











Customer Reviews

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Iain Hampson
Fantastic bib tights

I recently bought these bib tights in my search for something that would work well in winter. The tights are a fantastic fit and super comfortable and the attached gilet is genius.

I am 5 feet 8 and weight around 11 Stone (154 Lbs) and I went for the Medium size which fit me really well, I also love the inbuilt gaiters to put over the Spatz overshoes and this feature works really well. I have ridden as low as -2 degrees so far and I have also ridden a ride that resulted in the last hour being torrential rain and the Bibz kept me warm and dry.

My only criticism of the bibs are that the chamois pad is a little on the small side (surface area) and I only ride a 143cm seat and so I have to knock of a star on the ratings for this, I like a bigger pad as used by the likes of Sportful and Castelli but having said that the Spatz pad is the best pad I have used in terms of density and so please look at maybe making the pad a touch bigger in any future updates made on these bib tights and these would really be the perfect product.

Great feedback, thank you Iain.

Andy Fountain
The art of staying warm & dry

I’ve reviewed the Basez winter base layer, and the Shield winter jacket, so no the final piece of the jigsaw, the Bibz winter tights.

On their own these bib tights are one of the finest on the market, but when paired with the new winter base and jacket, they give you an outfit for any weather. Like the Shield jacket you can wear these bibs in freezing temperatures, heavy rain, or even when the sun comes out and you’ll stay warm and perfectly regulated.

The rear zipped storage pocket is really handy for things you don’t need while riding, but want to keep safe, so keys, cards & cash. The built in thermal gilet is a revelation adding another layer to your outfit choice. But the highlight of these bibs is the shin seals keeping your Spatz overshoes covered and any moisture or rain out.

I’ve always struggled with discomfort in the saddle at the + 4hr mark, with even my Assos pads not cutting the mustard, so I was surprised to find that the pad in the Bibz is so comfortable, I feel I could ride all day.

Great to hear. Thank you Andy.

Super comfy and cosy

These tights are so comfortable! I haven't worn them on the bike yet, as I'm still in shorts at the moment. I'm looking forward to being able to carry on training when it's raining!

This will be my third year of training through the British winter. I've struggled to find any bibs which are built to withstand the weather here, but I think I may have found the answer. I love how they integrate with the overshoes - I'm sure this will help keep away my nemesis
(wet socks) for longer on those apocalyptic British winter days.

Thank you very much!

Krister Brus
Could these be the best British Winter Bibs?

Finally took these bibs out for a short 33km ride in a drizzling 10°C rain. The pad felt like it didn't exist. The waterproofness on the thighs must be some of best I've ever felt. The flaps that covers the top of any overshoes is pure genius, keeping rain out of the shoes. Very expensive but I really looking forward to use these a lot during the cold Swedish winter. Well done, as always, Tom!

Great to hear. Thank you for your custom Krister.