SPATZ 'PRO STEALTH OVERSHOE SYSTEM' (with Protoez toe warmers) #bestofthebest

SPATZ 'PRO STEALTH OVERSHOE SYSTEM' (with Protoez toe warmers) #bestofthebest


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In 2006, we had the idea for the original ‘Spatz’ knee-length overshoe. In 2017 (after a career in the peloton) we brought them to market and quickly became leaders in overshoes and extreme condition cycling apparel.

For 2023/24 we have used all our experience and feedback to create the ‘Spatz Pro Stealth Overshoe System’. From countless hours of testing in extreme conditions, we are confident that this overshoe system will once again rewrite the rule book of overshoe design. There has never been an overshoe like this before and it will change the way you ride in the cold forever. It is simply unparalleled for cold and wet weather riding.

Designed as a two-part layering system, the Pro Stealth Overshoes ship together with the Protoez Toe Warmers. The Pro Stealth Overshoes can be worn alone over cycling shoes in temperatures over 3-5 degrees centigrade. Any colder and we recommend the Protoez toe warmers should be added underneath the overshoes. When the Pro Stealth Overshoes and Protoez Toe Warmers are worn together, the cleverly designed silicone seals (on the inside and outside of the toe warmers) integrate perfectly with the seals on the inside of the overshoes, forming a barrier which drastically reduces the ingress of moisture and creates insulation which is unmatched in a cycling overshoe.

In addition to improved warmth and water protection, the Pro Stealth Overshoes are manufactured from a combination of materials which have not been seen in cycling applications before. Throughout the design and development process, focus was on toughness, resilience, comfort and longevity, as well as warmth, water resistance and aerodynamics. The overshoes are a combination of Kevlar covered neoprene, tough cordura covered neoprene and super flexible nylon covered neoprene. Materials are positioned to target the requirements of that exact panel to create a system that moves with the rider and does not wrinkle or crease whilst in use. The overshoes create a seamless transition from bib tight/leg warmer to overshoe which is not only pleasing aesthetically but also incredibly sleek and aerodynamic.

The entire bottom opening of the overshoes is lined with two rows of silicone aqua seal which locks against the Protoez toe warmer and the cycling shoe. Vertical strips of silicone run along the leg to ensure the overshoe hugs the leg and remains snug as you pedal, regardless of leg size. The shin area has a thermal lining to add warmth where you need it most. The rear section is 1mm lycra covered neoprene to offer ease of use and unfathomable suppleness. They are easy to put on and articulate beautifully as you move.

Despite being supple and comfortable, the Pro Stealth Overshoes use neoprene which is incredibly tough and resistant to nicks and rips. The logos we have used are subtle and stealthy, whilst being highly reflective to catch the glare of headlights.

We are extremely proud of this product. It has let us ride and train in conditions which would be unthinkable in years gone by. If you are looking for an overshoe system to take you through the winter and perform better than anything else on the market, Pro Stealth Overshoes system is for you.

Spatz Pro Stealth Overshoes: The original and best just got better…


Customer Reviews

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Long time user, these are even better!

Replaced a well worn 3 winter old pair of Roadman overshoes, these are even better. They are worth every penny, toasty warm and absolutely the best overshoes you could hope for. A bit tight on first fitting but they soon loosen up to a perfect fit. I've used toe warmers with my old pair, adding Spatz specific ones to these is a nice addition.

Thanks very much Edward.

Excellent kit

More expensive than the competition. They are tight to fit at first but stretch a bit after a few uses - I didn’t size up despite being at the top end of the size. Take a few practices to get the knack of getting them on.

From a performance perspective they’re in a different league to everything else. I’ve cycled in torrential rain for two hours and my feet remained dry and warm. If you need to go out in all weather I wouldn’t look anywhere else.

Thank you Tom.

Zak Birtles
Best piece overshoes for winter

Got theses for Christmas and they are fantastic no more cold and wet feet

Excellent. Thanks Zak!

Awesome piece of kit!

Why didn’t I buy these before???. Only thing that keep your feet dry and warm in the wet. Period.

Much appreciated Jamie!

Best shoe covers

Really, really great. Well worth the money. I have been victim of cold feet for years when it hits about 3 degrees, opting for a mix of lake winter shoes and heavy Castelli neoprene shoe covers. These are fantastic. I've used these in dry 3 degree weather, as well as heavy rain and 6 degrees. I've not used with the toe covers, but was happy and warm (albeit wet in the rain) with my normal shoes and summer socks. If it was wet and below 4 degrees, I'd add the toe covers or use thicker wool socks.

Word of warning, they are VERY hard to get on the first time. Go gently, avoid tearing or pulling too hard. There is a stretchy panel on the back your heel can slip down to ease them on. After a few uses they are much easier to put on, still takes an extra minute or two over normal covers, but the extended bit on the shin really helps keep your foot warm. 10/10 from me, I doubt I'll need my winter shoes very often now. I wear a 43 specialized shoe and went with the 43-45 M/L size- again, tough to get on the first time but have stretched a bit and much better now.

Thanks very much Lyndon!