Spatz Roadman3 Overshoes

During chilly, rainy test rides over a number of years, Spatzwear have kept our feet from freezing. The most recent additions to the line are the best yet... The Spatz Roadman 3 overshoes are a game-changer for commuting, training, exploring and just riding in poor conditions and will quickly recoup their initial cost.

Find out why we think they are some of the best cycling overshoes below:

The most recent full-length all-rounder is called the "Spatz Roadman 3", which means that it extends to just below the knee, protects against wheel spray, and keeps your blood warm all the way to your feet. In order to create a tight seal against water dripping down from above, the top of the "boot" additionally incorporates a curved collar made of supple "Aero Armour" neoprene. Even with my larger mountain biker's calves, the M/L samples weren't so tight as to threaten to impair circulation or create cramping because they still seem more elastic and stretchy than the original Spatz materials.

The front portion of the boot has wavy fleece backing to trap air and increase warmth where wind and water are most likely to hit. The backside has a triangular panel that fits snugly over your calves and Achilles without ever being constrictive. In the event of crank contact, the inner ankle and inner rear fit use extremely strong rub protection shields, which are also extremely flexible. While Velcro straps behind the cleat keep the foot in place, a silicone strip inside the lower edge prevents it from slipping up the heel of your shoe while leaving the tread areas of MTB, road, or gravel shoes clear for walking grip.

For optimum insulation without restricting circulation, the front foot piece is made of premium heavy duty 4.5mm neoprene, and there is a large Kevlar-reinforced toe box to ensure that your investment lasts season after season. To ensure that your legs light up for optimum traffic visibility, the entire boot is generously coated in neon yellow and reflective stripes and chevron prints.

What matters most in terms of performance is how flexible the seamless, heat-welded construction is now. That makes it simple to put the boots over bare legs, Spatz's equally fantastic new merino socks, or tights/leg warmers. They only take a couple of seconds to slide up your legs and once in place, their wrinkle-free fit is unbelievable - they practically vanish, leaving no tight patches, wrinkles around the ankles, or obstructions to circulation or pedalling. That stands in stark contrast to my last pair (from another brand), which usually felt tight and took some time to get used to riding. Even though I have 45s, I didn't feel the need to upgrade from the M/Ls even though Spatz has offered an L/XL choice for feet that are 46-49. Utterly brilliant and a total game changer for winter cycling!

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