SPATZWEAR 'BASEZ 2' Black Baselayer. #BASEZ2

SPATZWEAR 'BASEZ 2' Black Baselayer. #BASEZ2

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The Spatzwear 'BASEZ 2' redefines the cycling base layer. 

Awarded "BEST BUY" by The Independent in November 2020 when reviewed / tested against the world's leading brands such as Rapha, Gore and Lecol...

Read our "Best-Buy" review in the Independent HERE

Totally re-engineered. The most technically advanced base layer you'll ever own.

  • High Neck
  • Thumb loops
  • Extended rear section
  • Moisture managing fabric
  • Thermal yet lightweight design

Worn next to your skin, the BASEZ 2 is designed to trap a layer of warm air and actively move moisture away from the skin. Cyclists have needed a base layer like this for decades. Here it is...

A base layer developed from scratch and rigorously tested by the current Olympic Champion. Very warm and comfortable with yarns, thicknesses, weaves and cut designed specifically for cycling in the cold / wet. There is nothing like this.

A word from the designer:

"The most important garment is the one which sits next to your skin. In the winter many cyclists (myself included) like to wear garments like the Castelli Gabba or Perfetto jackets. The problem with these jackets (and even specific winter jackets) is their poor thermal qualities especially when wet. We resort to using 3-4 layers underneath them. I have trained as a pro cyclist for much of my life wondering why (despite being sponsored by premium clothing brands) I am wet, cold and uncomfortable after 1-2h of winter riding. It seems nobody has designed a base layer from scratch specifically for cold weather cycling. I designed the BASEZ 2 using my own yarn choice and dedicated weaves, where pockets of air are trapped by the fabric design to suit the needs of that particular body area. When cycling, each area of the body has specific thermal/wicking/comfort needs. The BASEZ 2 chest area and front of the arms are thicker and warmer to guard against wind chill where the cold wind cuts through your jacket. The BASEZ 2 boasts a dropped back section to cover and insulate the kidneys and lower back - right down to the saddle. It features an extended neck (to stop drafts and keep the neck warm and mobile) and thumb loops to keep the glove/jacket junction insulated".

Nobody has ever created a base layer like this. It is totally revolutionary and will change your cold weather riding forever. 


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Customer Reviews

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Love this top.
It’s my go to for all cold rides now.


The best base layer I have ever used


Best base layer ever

Bruce L
Great layer

I bought this to go with my Spatzwear HEATR jersey, and I have to say a great match. Super comfortable. Love the thumb loops, great (necessary?) for layering with a HEATR jersey.

Unfortunately it has been the warmest winter on record on Canada's Wet Coast, so I can't comment on riding in cold conditions, but I can say I've been over-dressed at 7-8º with this and the HEATR.

I ordered a M/L HEATR (64kg 173 cm) and it is a perfect fit in volume. A S would be too tight to zip over my chest. I ordered a M/L BASEZ 2 based on my experience with the HEATR and I can say that a S would have been a better choice, not baggy or anything, just could be a bit more snug IMO - use the size guide for sizing, it seems accurate for this garment.

Overall, highly recommended.

Excellent. Thank you Bruce.

Nice and warm

Bought one of these last month and have used it a few times, including a very cold commute to work in the recent sub-zero weather. I had a last minute wobble over the size; I'm 5'8'', 12 stone 7 and right at the top end of the 105cm M/L chest sizing but it fits perfectly, it's very stretchy where it matters. So far it's been warm and I think having the thumb loops helps with the hands. You can also ditch the snood which is another advantage.

Overall a much better winter base layer than anything I currently have and worth the money

Thanks very much Conrad.