SPATZ "THRMOZ" Deep Winter Gloves with fold-out wind blocking shell #THRMOZ

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As used by Alpecin-Deceuninck Pro Cycling Team.

Revised and improved, the Spatz "Thrmoz" Deep Winter Gloves are made specifically for (and developed by) a 2x Olympic Champion. They are the obvious evolution of our "Glovz" race gloves and feature a YKK wrist zipper with easy-pull gripper to keep access easy as the temperature plummets.

If you are looking for a glove to keep you warm in the depths of winter; you've found it. Super warm with an extra wind layer to deploy when things get biblical.

These are the gloves that the Alpecin-Deceuninck Pro Cycling team specify for winter training.

In a recent review, 'The Independent' said: "If you’re after pure performance in the harshest conditions, we’d go for the superb Spatzwear Thrmoz". We can't argue...

Here's another independent Youtube review:

Engineered in the same silhouette as our "Glovz" race gloves, the new Spatzwear "Thrmoz" feature an extra wind blocking "fold-out" shell which neatly folds away into a hidden pocket on the back of your hand. Enjoy the dexterity and feel of a 5 finger glove then pull out the hidden weapon when you need that extra barrier from the elementz. Ready to sprint? Need to access your tools? Sure. Release the barrier shell and fold it away for later. Another dimension of warmth - at your fingertips...

The "Thrmoz" have a soft comfortable feel, using premium 4-way stretch, thermal material with a soft fleecy lining. The cuff is cut extra long to help to insulate those valuable blood vessels in your wrists and ensure the blood reaches your fingers as warm as it should. As with our overshoes, if you want to stop your radiators freezing; insulate your pipes. This time we have added a top quality YKK zipper with an easy-pull gripper on the lower edge of the cuff, to keep things comfortable and easy. The "Thrmoz" integrate perfectly with our Base Layers.

The "Thrmoz" continue the trend from our race "Glovz" and have a "peepy index finger hole" for your smart phone, for when you really need to hit WhatsApp or skip to the next track.

We have added tough, grippy epoxy gel grippers on the palm, thumb and index finger for excellent grip, feel and dexterity. It's important to feel the 'bars, gears and shifters and be at one with your machine.

A reflective strip and oversized epoxy gel logos add visibility in the traffic.

We have added toughened areas on the pad covering the ulnar nerve and also on the thumb and first three fingers. These are the areas which traditionally rub and wear through on gloves. We're bike riders. We wear through gloves.

There's nothing like Spatz "Thrmoz". Designed through a lifetime of cycling in all weathers.

Patent Protected. Patent No.: GB2590074B. Trade Mark. Registered Design No.: 6075585.





Customer Reviews

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It’s not as warm as advertised. Regret getting these coz they’re so expensive. Layering up on cheaper gloves worked better and they are also phone friendly


There are better deep winter gloves out there for the same (or less) money.

Thought I was going to lose my fingers when it was zero degrees.

Paul Garrett
New Thrmoz gloves

Having purchased the bib tights, shoe cover etc I thought I’d finish off with the new Thrmoz winter gloves. The gloves feel great once on but after 20 mins riding a 200km Audax I couldn’t feel my thumbs and first finger on both hands!! The wind chill temp was recorded-4 but to be honest I expected not to have this so bad.. So unsure if the gloves were too tight, buy the next size up type thing or just not up t it.
The rest of the kit is simply outstanding and definitely the best winter kit I’ve had over the years.
Such a disappointment with the gloves… Now on the hunt for a suitable replacement.

Cheers guys

Thanks for your custom and review Paul.

Sadly not at all Thrmoz for me

I'm a massive fan of Spatz kit and swear by their base layers and overshoes, as well as many of their other products. For me, these gloves are the only disappointment though - I can't use them because they don't keep my hands warm in the winter.

The design is, in many ways, great. I like the longer wrist covering, the clever fold out covers for fingers and the hold to put your finger through from your phone or GPS. I don't like the zip though - it's quite hard to do up zips on wrists whilst wearing gloves and the thinness of the gloves is a killer for me.

I went out with the gloves on for an hour and a half of cyclocross yesterday. It was 4 degrees celsius. After 10 minutes of hard cycling (the route begins with some steep climbs) I couldn't feel my fingers. I persisted and it got worse and worse. I returned to my car and swapped for a thick pair of normal winter gloves from another brand and all was find for the rest of the session, except winter gloves are too thick for cross. Anyway, I think these gloves would be perfect if they were a little thicker. As it stands, they don't fulfil my need for a glove that goes beyond my normal ones that go down to about 6 degrees without issue.

Finally, I've no idea of how these perform in the rain.

HI Jon. Sorry to hear that the THRMOZ are not for you. This is obviously uncomfortable for us to hear, but we know that glove choice is extremely personal. As I mentioned on email, we have customers with Raynauds who buy muiltiple pairs of these because of their warmth, and I personally find them very warm if not too warm for UK use. (I used them on a 4.5h snowy ride on Saturday in North Yorks). My suggestion would be to add a thin liner glove if there is room. Again, thanks very much for your custom and your numerous reviews and useful feedback. TB


Best gloves I've ever bought by a mile. Have used these in temperature ranges of 3 degrees in the dry, and 6 degrees in heavy rain. Worked well in both scenarios, with the rain being an interesting one. Although the gloves were entirely soaking wet, my hands stayed warm and oddly felt dry. Making a fist saw water drip from the gloves, but still I felt dry.

Only one issue with the gloves. When pulling them off, the end of the zipper scratches the blade of my hand. Not sure if this is a known issue with the gloves or not, but it means I need to remove them more delicately to avoid scratching my hand. I could most likely stitch a small piece of fabric over the end of the zipper to fix this, but at the moment I'll continue wearing them to see if that area softens over time.

Thanks very much for your review.