SPATZ "Capsule" Winter Fuelling Flask #Capsule


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The Spatz "Capsule" Winter Fuelling Flask with free OTE product inside.

As true 4 season riders, Spatzwear develop apparel which enables cyclists to ride further and faster, regardless of the weather. So far we have focussed on designing clothing which protects us from the cold and rain so we can ride and train in comfort as the weather closes in.

Our goal has always been to offer immunity from the winter. Our latest product is your next weapon in the fight against the elements. The Spatz "Capsule" enables you to carry a warm drink with you to offer welcome comfort as you battle through the cold.

Having a warm drink to accompany you through your winter rides will delay your fatigue and allow you ride even longer. Having the correct fuel adds even more artillery to your arsenal:

The Spatz "Capsule" Winter Fuelling Flask marks our first (and very exciting) collaboration. OTE energy products provide all the nutrition you need as you ride on against the cold and rain.

Each "Capsule" comes delivered with free OTE product inside.

Spatz and OTE have worked together to create a hot fuelling system which will quickly become invaluable as your winter riding companion:

  • Keeps drinks warm for hours
  • Beautiful brushed non-laquered stainless steel (so no paint to scratch)
  • Double wall vacuum design
  • Classy, understated lazer-etched logo
  • Locking lid
  • Designed to be used with one hand whilst cycling
  • Fits standard bottle/bidon cages
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 510ml / 18oz
  • Use hot or cold
  • Ideal for cycling / gym / office / camping / walking / car use

Additional OTE product can be bought HERE


  1. Empty one OTE Energy Powder sachet or tablet into a clean flask
  2. Half-fill the flask with warm (not boiling) water
  3. Carefully mix the contents together
  4. Top-up the flask with warm (not boiling) water until it's almost full
  5. Screw on the lid nice and tight
  6. Lock the nozzle with your thumb
  7. Go smash some climbs in the big plate

***Warning: We recommend using very warm (but not boiling) water. Contents may be hot. Ensure Capsule is tight in cycling bottle cage whilst riding. Additional velcro strap may be required on some bottle cage designs***


Customer Reviews

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Keeps your drink hot for up to 2 hours. Sweet.


Lovely design ,keeps coffee warm for hours


Perfect for winter riding


Great to have the option of a warm.dri k on a ride

It’s still warm and still in the cage.

Took this flask out on a seven hour gravel baptism. Was about 70% boiling, 30% cold mix. Was perfect temp to drink for around two hours. Then began to cool, more cold air volume and sloshing; I’m sure there is a scientific way of putting that. By end of ride, a frosty cold day, still tepid. I reckon for a long day, 100% boiling would last well into the latter stages.

One handed design does work, getting it back into my cage with a wet glove on the move… it went in and stayed in. I’d wondered if it would stay in over rough ground, with no depression as such to key it in. It didn’t budge even when empty and finding a rocky descent.

It’s going to get so battered and scratched though. It’s going to be great!

Excellent, thanks!