Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I put my SPATZ on?

Watch the video or follow the written instructions below...

To put your SPATZ on:

  1. Remember to put your SPATZ on BEFORE your shoe! Slide the SPATZ up your leg to just below the knee.
  2. Put your shoe on and fasten it up.
  3. Hook the toe area of the SPATZ over the toe area of your shoe.
  4. Tighten and fasten the stretchy velcro behind the cleat. This will keep the SPATZ snug on your feet. EASY! Adjust to suit.

To remove your SPATZ:

  1. Unfasten the velcro behind the cleat of your shoe.
  2. Unhook the toe area of the SPATZ from the toe area of your shoe.
  3. Remove your shoe.
  4. Carefully roll the Spatz down your leg and remove.

**Please be very careful not to grip the SPATZ with your finger nails as you put them on or remove them - the neoprene can be ripped or damaged if not handled correctly**

How to care for your SPATZ:

SPATZ are made of layers of very high tech fabrics which although tough, will last much longer and perform better if cared for properly. SPATZ are manufactured by the world's most highly rated neoprene factory and need to be treated with the same care as a premium wetsuit.

How to wash your SPATZ:

Watch the video or follow the written instructions below...

Only kidding. Follow this guide:


  1. The best way to clean your SPATZ is to rinse them in cold (or luke warm) water.
  2. Use a little mild soap if you have to.
  3. If there is any debris, gently wipe it off under the tap with a soft sponge.
  4. Or, be lazy like me and just rinse them off in the shower after a ride...

How to dry your SPATZ:

  1. Pat any excess water off them with a soft towel.
  2. Hang them in a warm(ish) place. Use the velcro loop to hang them.
  3. If you hang them inside-out they will dry quicker but remember that if you leave them like this for a long time the neoprene may crease or wrinkle.
  4. When they're dry, store them as below...

How to store your SPATZ:

  1. The key message is that if the SPATZ are left folded, crushed or inside-out for any length of time the neoprene may crease.
  2. This does not affect the performance of the SPATZ but let's avoid it eh?
  3. To store them, lay them (the right way out) on a shelf without folding them over.
  4. Or even better, use the velcro fasteners to hang the SPATZ up on a hook, clothes airer or if you're hardcore, over your brake levers...

Are SPATZ waterproof?

The material that SPATZ are made from is waterproof. And hydrophobic (repels water). The seams are heat welded and taped and as such are waterproof too. The bottom opening of SPATZ is lined with a "Liquid Seal" barrier which is designed to stop water coming in past your shoe. That said, water will eventually find it's way in through the top of the SPATZ and up through (or past) your shoe. The beauty of this is that (in wetsuit fashion), any water is kept WARM! We developed SPATZ to allow you to cope with cold / wet conditions longer than any other currently available overshoe. We succeeded. We rode yesterday in the driving rain for three hours with no mudguards / fenders. My feet stayed dry for 2h19 until the water seeped in through the sole of my Bont shoes.

Under or over your leg warmers / tights??

  1. To be totally honest we designed SPATZ to be worn either under or over tights / leg warmers and work brilliantly either way.
  2. Arguably the best way to wear SPATZ is next to your skin with knee warmers overlapping the top of the SPATZ - see the first video below...
  3. If you wear them next to your skin you'll benefit from the inherent properties of the neoprene i.e. any trapped water will be kept warm against your skin. 
  4. If you wear them over your tights / leg warmers, water will simply run off the SPATZ and not penetrate through to your tights / leg warmers. See the second video below...
  5. Wear them however suits you. Under tights / leg warmers for stealth.

 SPATZ under knee warmers...

SPATZ over leg warmers...

Will SPATZ make me sweat like a mofo?

SPATZ are designed for cold and/or wet conditions. If you sweat a little bit in SPATZ, then we've done our job. The lining of SPATZ has been developed to actively transport moisture away but the key is that any moisture trapped will be kept WARM. Think "wetsuit". Experiment with wearing SPATZ under and over your leg warmers / tights and find what works best for you in what conditions.

Overseas Taxes and Duty:

Please be aware that your order may be subject to import duty / taxes into your country. This is your responsibility and we cannot be liable for the fee. Import duties and taxes may be applied by your local authority. It is a legal requirement that we declare the full transaction value of the contents of all packages. Local import duties and taxes are levied by the carrier on behalf of the local customs authority.


SPATZ have been developed out of necessity to address the age-old problem of cold feet whilst cycling. We developed over 30 prototypes with 5 factories and settled on the world's best neoprene factory. We developed a range of very sophisticated materials and used cutting edge manufacturing processes. As such, we need to care for the SPATZ and be careful not to snag them. Be careful with finger nails, don't rub them too much on your cranks / chain stays and be careful whilst riding and walking not to catch them on sharp or rough surfaces. The odd nick won't effect the performance of SPATZ, but we're not able to refund or replace items that have been treated incorrectly. We are 3 friends in a loft and don't have the budget to replace SPATZ willy-nilly. Treat them like you love them...