SPATZ "SHIELD" Glasses Lens - Smoke Clear / Grey Photochromic


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The "Smoke Clear / Grey Photochromic" lens for the Spatz "SHIELD" glasses.

The Smoke Clear / Grey Photochromic lens was developed as a lens which you could fit and forget. The fast acting Photochromic Lens changes very quickly from clear to dark grey and back again as quickly as the conditions demand. This lens is perfect for low light conditions but also excells in bright sunlight - this is a lens for every ride...

As the sun hits the lens, it transitions from clear to dark grey. As you dart under trees or the sun is blocked the lens transitions back to clear so quickly that the change is unnoticable.

If you ride your bike in all weather conditions and require a lens that dose the same, the Smoke Clear / Grey Photochromic is your perfect choice.

Please note, this is a lens only, NOT a pair of glasses!