SPATZ 'Roadman 3' Super-Thermo Hi-Viz Reflective Overshoes with Kevlar. #RDMN3

SPATZ 'Roadman 3' Super-Thermo Hi-Viz Reflective Overshoes with Kevlar. #RDMN3

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The new SPATZ 'Roadman 3 Overshoe' is the next logical step in the evolution of the Roadman. Warm, tough, reflective and now with extremely visible 360 degree bright yellow fluourescent (and reflective) detailing to keep you safe as you battle through the winter traffic.

Re-engineered with extended Kevlar toe area and targeted Aero-Armour super tough neoprene around the foot to guard against rips and tears. The 'Roadman 3' now has Aero-Armour neoprene at the top of the leg hem to offer easier use, an improved fit and increased toughness.

Integrated thermal lined shin panel to provide warmth and water management where you need it most. An industry first for an overshoe. Ride longer. Ride 'Roadman 3'...

Warmer, reflective and highly visible. Tougher, but just as sleek and aero as before. Made for the commute. Made for rain. Made for the road, the gravel, the epic adventures.

Super insulating 4.5mm Kevlar toe box for the ultimate in warmth and abrasion resistance without adding excess bulk/weight. 

Super Reflect, high viz 360 detailing for that 6am commute or epic night-time training sesh.

Tough Abrasion Resist fabric guards against heel rub.

Waterproof neoprene throughout with targeted panel thickness for exceptional insulation, fit and comfort. Intelligent water-dispersing lining. Hydrophobic outer layer. Heat welded and taped seams. Liquid seal gripper seals top and bottom. Wrinkle-free 'pro' cut. 

Stretch velcro faster behind the cleat.

Made to keep you warm and visible.

Ride in the cold and wet? Want to be visible in the traffic? #RDMN3.

SPATZ are protected. The design is registered, SPATZ is trademarked.



Customer Reviews

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Really amazing. Feet are always super dry and very warm. Definitely a worth it purchase.


Great product

Andre Neville
Perfect overshoe - long term review

I own the Roadman 2 and am on my third winter with them. After pondering for months about splashing out for them, they are by far the best bit of winter kit I own. As I commute several times a week throughout the winter I need something that will keep my feet warm and dry, and they certainly do the job. They have been in heavy rain and minus temperatures and always held up. If, like me, you have a shorter mud guard they will keep your feet dry from wheel spray with no problem at all. They do take a bit of getting used to putting them on and off, I have nicked them in a couple of places with my fingernails.
So three times a week in the wet and cold they are still going strong. A couple of thin bits are appearing around the top and the bottom velcro is losing its grip, but given the amount of abuse they have had it's nothing I wouldn't expect. They aren't the cheapest overshoe but they are the best and I have certainly got my money's worth! Perhaps a Roadman 3 for next winter, but I wouldn't be surprised if they see out that one too!!

Thank you Andre.

Michael from western Oregon
Outstanding overshoe!!

I hunted for quality overshoes for years and when I finally spotted these “Roadman 3’s” I knew I didn’t need to shop anymore.
I bought a pair in late summer, I commute all year long, putting on about 400 miles a month. I have worn these overshoes in below freezing temperatures and in torrential downpours, and they never disappoint. My feet have never gotten wet. They do sweat a bit, but that’s understandable being that they are neoprene.
This is an outstanding product!! My only wish is that they were made either in the UK or USA.


Thanks Mike!


Only used once. In dry conditions but kept my feet warm