SPATZ 'BASEZ EXTREME' Winter Base Layer #basezextreme

SPATZ 'BASEZ EXTREME' Winter Base Layer #basezextreme


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We designed the Basez Extreme with a very clear brief: To simply produce the warmest, most comfortable, quickest drying and best designed winter base layer on the market.

Last year, our superb Basez2 base layer was voted “Best Base Layer” by The Independent. The new Basez Extreme is much warmer and more insulating; it provides a whole new level of protection from the elements and will quickly become your favourite winter garment as the temperature drops.

Made with Seamless Manufacture and with a base yarn of Polypropylene, the Basez Extreme offers more warmth than any winter base layer currently on the market. Used next to your skin, it traps pockets of warm air and holds your body at optimum temperature regardless of how hard you work. The weaves and waffles on the inside of the fabric actively pull moisture away from the body keeping you warm, comfortable and dry.

In addition to the insulating seamless manufacture, we have added a wind-stopping, breathable membrane across the chest of the Basez Extreme. This offers a barrier to the cold wind and helps to trap heat against your body. It also helps you feel protected from the weather as you step out into the cold.

After four winters of testing in the UK, Alps and Pyrenees, we are confident in saying that this garment genuinely replaces 2-3 other base layers. Worn under our Shield Jacket or HeatR 4-Season Jersey, you can face the elements and stay warm and comfortable no matter what mother nature throws at you…

The Basez Extreme is cut with long arms, a dropped rear, short front and high neck. It is ergonomically designed to be close fitting but not at all restrictive.

There is nothing on the market quite like this garment, we have developed it from scratch. It will set a new standard for winter base layers and change the way you dress for winter forever...










Size chart in images!

Please note that the Basez Extreme is cut for cycling. As such it is a close fit and is exceptionally comfortable when in a cycling position. When worn, (if it is the correct size), it should feel snug around the shoulders, but obviously not restrictive. On these specialist cycling garments, a snug fit is a good fit! If you require this garment for skiing etc, it may be sensible to "size up".



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