SPATZ "NEOZ" Thermal Neoprene Rain Gloves

Neoprene cycling gloves are among the best for keeping your fingers toasty in the winter, but they are not the most well-liked options available. They only ever out to play when the weather is truly atrocious, and you quickly remove them once more and hide them. In terms of comfort and control, Spatz has definitely spent some time developing a glove that is truly next-level while also keeping your hands toasty.

The Neoz gloves are like Spatz's famous long-leg overshoes, these aren't your typical wetsuit mitts. Neoprene with four-way stretch is used in varying thicknesses across each portion of the glove, along with a brushed lining for comfort. All of the seams are sealed with incredibly strong sealing tape and are contoured to fit the prefabricated kit perfectly. In fact, you may initially think you ordered the wrong size because the gloves fit snugly, but because of the elasticity, your circulation won't be hampered. For further protection against exposed blood flow through your wrist, the gauntlet cuff extends all the way up your forearms, as stated by Spatz.  “If you want to stop your radiators freezing, insulate your pipes”.

The Neoz glove also performs amazingly well. While the substantial backing insulation keeps your hands toasty even when rain, snow, or sleet is bouncing off them, your hands will get wet from perspiration. Even making snowballs won't make you quickly regret it. Additionally, they are small and lightweight enough to fit in a back pocket.


The amount of dexterity and control you still have with these gloves is what makes them the real winner. The snug fit prevents fumbling fingers from getting caught between the brake and shift levers or from pawing helplessly at the shifter buttons. There is still sufficient feel to grab a sizable zipper tab, an energy bar, or a gel.

Epoxy gel logos are completely applied to the palm and fingers for dependable grip no matter how soiled or wet the environment. The gloves' thinner palm, better fit, and elasticity prevent the blood flow from being restricted by a temperature sense. They also prevent arm pump, which is a significant problem with neoprene gloves on lengthy, bumpy gravel portions. They have even become our go-to glove for mountain bike rides inclement weather.

They have yet to exhibit any indications of deterioration, but given how much we've used them, they are beginning to smell a little (this happens when you ride them more than you wash them). Your hands will be pink and wrinkled after a ride, but what matters most is that they will still be warm and functional.


The main drawback is that the fingertips cannot be used with touchscreen devices, but despite their length, the diagonal cuffs are simple to remove and quickly reapply if you absolutely must get a photo of that bliz.

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