SPATZ 'TUFR' Gravel / MTB / Off-Road Overshoes #tufr

SPATZ 'TUFR' Gravel / MTB / Off-Road Overshoes #tufr


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The Spatz “TUFR” Off-Road Overshoes: Re-writing the rules. Again.

We had one goal: To design the best off-road overshoe on the planet. Spatz went back to the drawing board and developed an overshoe that creates it's own niche…

Regardless of whether your poison is Gravel, MTB, Road or anything in between, the “TUFR” will be your weapon of choice in cold/wet conditions. Engineered with a rugged, grippy toe box, vulcanised rubber instep and kevlar protection, the “TUFR” is the ultimate off-road overshoe. The foot area is engineered from extremely resilient nylon-covered neoprene and the leg section is tough, lycra covered neoprene to offer warmth, protection and eliminate cuts and nicks. Double silicone aqua seals around the bottom of the boot keep moisture at bay.

The “TUFR" keeps those blood vessels insulated in the coldest of conditions and the grippy moulded rubber toe cap laughs in the face of gravel and mud. We have developed a whole new arsenal in your war against the cold. SPATZ “TUFR" have been developed by an Olympic Champion, Professional Cyclists and the National Elite Gravel Champion. Engineered from the finest neoprene available, these revolutionary off-road overshoes will transform your wet/cold riding experience.

Sizing: The "TUFR" overshoes should feel tight when worn, but obviously not so tight that they will become uncomfortable. That said, due to the nature of the reinforced materials, we recommend 'sizing-up' on this model, particularly if you will use off-road specific shoes. The perfect size of "TUFR" should be tight to get on but then comfortable in use.



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